SATA has a proud history, having been providing passenger transport services in Auckland for 50 years. This experience is backed by comprehensive driver training and a reputation for professional, friendly and reliable service with a strong community focus. We take an innovative approach to our business and we are currently upgrading our despatch system to provide an advanced booking service for our customers.

Our specialist mobility wheelchair hoist vehicle operators are amongst the most experienced providers in the country. Our in-house dedicated NZQA registered training establishment means all our drivers receive the training, skills and understanding required to transport disabled passengers effectively and safely. Our drivers recognise the importance of strong, supportive and trusting relationships with their passengers in order to provide the confidence and familiarity they need for a secure routine. Their skills and caring approach play an important role in the welfare of many families.

SATA is a key employer in the local community and we are proud of our loyal and dedicated multi-cultural workforce.